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Nick Lambrou, CEO, Thinxtra, talks to the Australian Financial Review about the Massive IoT and the business value it unlocks

From cold beer to childcare, the internet of things just went ‘massive’! Enter “Massive IoT” (M-IoT), a category driven by scale where billions of sensors on everything from transport containers, gas tanks, to factory robots will be supplying and making sense of trillions of bits of data, shaping supply chains and curbing energy consumption.

Now a vast host of battery-powered devices can easily transmit incredible volumes of small amounts of essential data. An example might be millions of devices sending over many years a few kilobytes of data each day or when specified events occur. 
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Berg Insights projects that by 2026 there will be 4.3 bn IoT devices connected to cellular networks worldwide. At Thinxtra, we also see increasing adoption of IoT solutions in our region. Massive IoT deployments can scale rapidly thanks to our public, national LPWAN 0G Network.


Throughout the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the top focus for schools has been protecting the health and safety of school children and those educating them. However, with the Covid-19 virus boomeranging in a fierce fifth wave, there is increased pressure on schools to act, and fast. 
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Understanding supply chain risk is fundamental in being able to effectively manage operational risk. A new report by supply chain risk management company, Interos, found that many organizations have been impacted by three significant supply chain events within the last 12 months on average. That disruption is costing large enterprises $182 million annually in lost revenue.

Digital Nation Australia spoke to Sue-Ling Lau, director at The Gap Cubbyhouse, about how she leveraged her background in mining engineering to improve ventilation at the school
Since working with Thinxtra’s partner, Zeplin, to implement a CO2 monitoring solution, the reaction from parents has been largely positive and Lau believes that coverage of the initiative has increased interest in the school from but a customer and talent perspective.


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